Our Beginning

The dream of a loving husband & wife to open their own travel agency finally came true on 31st October 2018, after traveling to approximately 24 countries together. Living in Malaysia which is a multicultural country, motivates them to further explore more type of cuisines, to see different architectures and getting to know other cultures while broadening their perspectives towards life. Hence, to inspire more people to travel the world and to make every single trip as a memorable one based on their personal experiences, Aztie Travel & Tours was established last year.

With the establishment of this travel agency, we aim to exceed customers’ expectations by providing the best service and experience as well as understanding their needs; whether for school or work trips, backpackers, family vacation, honeymoon or big group travel (anything really, just tell us & we will try our best to provide you our services! ). We promise that you will have the best time with us; because we will treat your journey just like how we want the best for ours. And as we are speaking, our team is brainstorming and working hard (while having fun, of course! ) to create new itineraries & more travel packages for you. So do expect more great news in the future!

Together We Travel!